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Visa for Sikh Pilgrims

There is restricted share to perform pilgrimage for Sikh Pilgrims holding Indian identification while there is no amount framework for different ethnicities – there is standard upgrade conversation in progress among Pak and India and ideally there would be soon some certain choices in such manner.
It is encouraged to begin visa handling great development (at any rate two months) prior to setting off pilgrimage – one may apply visa even without Pakistan support yet it is in every case better to have legitimate support letter from your Pakistan partner that would be useful for the international safe haven for smooth preparing.

Crossing through Wahga Border:

In the event that you are on status of living arrangement grant with Indian identification in any unfamiliar nation other than India and need to go across Wahga Border by street then you have to get supported on your identification (crossing fringe by foot and so on) by the Pak international safe haven where you apply visa that would permit you to enter Pakistan through your private methods for transport – no need additional underwriting on visa if via air. Occupants of Europe, America, Canada or identities having travel papers other than India may enter without such supports. For most recent data you may contact with closest Pakistan Embassy or Consulate.